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BULLETIN #1 - 24/12/2023

As we start to get closer to our 2024 NZ Scooter Nationals the excitement is building even more.

We have already passed the number of registrations from our 2022 competition and are almost about to pass our 2023 competition numbers.



There will be official practice times on Thursday the 18th January 

Competition courses will be closed off to the general public and will be for competitors only in their designated time slots. Standard Bay Skate entry fee will apply.


The intention is to give each group 2x 30 min time slots 

These groups will be assigned based on competition categories and we will make our best effort to have groups all similar sizes.


Practice schedule will be posted the week of the competition once registration has closed.


Please note that it is not mandatory for riders to partake in practice. 

These sessions are optional.


Schedule and Scoring

We will be using Liveheats for the event.

Once registration has closed we will finalise the schedule in the following days and this will be made live.

This schedule will be live throughout the event so if for any reason there are any changes during the event (running behind or infront of schedule) this will be updated in real time.


All scoring will be done through Liveheats as well. Friday results will be published at the end of the day and Saturday will be live scoring for the finals.


Competition Format 


All categories will be running a 2 x 45 second run format with best run counting.


Any category with more than 10 competitors will have heats on Friday and Finals on Saturday.

Jr, Pro Women and Pro Men will also have finals on Saturday regardless of numbers. 

Finals will be a maximum of 8 riders based on Fridays results 



Riders will run in reverse order based on Fridays results


Park - All categories

2 x 45 second runs with best run counting


Street - Jr, Pro Men and Pro Women 

2/3/3 format

2x 45 second runs scored out of 100 each run

3x Trick attempts scored out of 50 each trick

Best run and 2 best tricks will count for a final score out of 200


Street - Age groups having finals on the Saturday 

2x 45 second runs with best run counting


Back Up Day


We will be using Sunday as a backup day if needed for any delays.

Our intention is to have everything wrapped up on Saturday but incase of anything out of our control we will use Sunday if needed.


Spectator Entry


All riders competing will receive a wristband on Friday when they arrive that will get them entry for both Friday and Saturday.

Spectator tickets are available here or available on the door for $20 per person each day.

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